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How to Outline (Like An Author)

Save the Cat. Romancing the Beat. Plotting. Pantsing.

You know the formulas, the blueprints, the beat sheets.

Now, learn how to build your own outline — one that actually sells books.

Don't just write a book... Sell it.

Outlining isn't about just writing, it's about selling that book. Whether we like it or not, readers expect certain things in the books they read.

Learn what those things are, and how to get them right, before you start writing.

One course. Unlimited books.

Bold words, I know. But I believe it's true.

I've studied (and practiced) just about every outlining methodology under the sun — I've made my own, trashed my own, tweaked, altered, and practiced some more.

Everything I've learned about outlining is here. No fluff, no BS. Just hard-earned lessons about outlining novels for speed, efficiency, and — of course — ensuring readers love them.

This is the ultimate course on outlining fiction, designed to take the mystery out of the writing process and turn your ideas into a well-structured, compelling story.


If you don't write better AND faster after working through this course, I'll give you your money back.

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Course curriculum

Want to see everything inside?

Here's the entire curriculum (with more lessons to be added at a later date):

  • 2
    Act I: The Plan
    • The Plan (Slides)
    • Anatomy of a Book
    • Ideas: Where Are They?
    • The Plot: Finding Your Formula
    • Structure: The "Shape" of Your Novel
    • Pacing: The "Speed" of Your Novel
    • Characters: The People of Your World
    • Act 1 - The Plan (PDF)
  • 3
    Act II (Part I): The Plot
    • Everything Comes Back to Plot
    • Plot Points (And Why We Need Them)
    • The Main Plot Points
    • The 3-Act Play ( Really 4 Acts)
    • Act I: The Hook
    • Act I: Theme Stated
    • Act I: Inciting Incident
    • Act I: Worksheet
    • Act II (Part I): The 'B' Story
    • Act II (Part I): Fun and Games
    • Act II (Part I): Midpoint
    • Act II (Part I): Worksheet
    • Act II (Part II): Bad Guys Close In!
    • Act II (Part II): All Is Lost
    • Act II (Part II): Woe Is Me
    • Act II (Part II): Worksheet
    • Act III: The Finale
    • Act III: The Climax
    • Act III: Denouement
    • Act III: Worksheet
    • Act II - The Plot (PDF)
  • 4
    Act II (Part II): The People
    • Crafting Story Characters
    • 3 Core Components of Character
    • Cast for Contrast... Tag for Tension
    • Designing Characters
    • Traits and Tags
    • Main Character(s)
    • Character Worksheets
    • Building Setting
    • Adding Dialogue
    • Act III - The People (PDF)
  • 5
    Act III: The Pieces
    • Introduction
    • Putting It All Together
    • Act I - Part I Scenes
    • Act II - Part II Scenes
    • Act II - Part III Scenes
    • Act III - Part IV Scenes
    • Adding Nuance to Your Outline
    • Tips and Tricks
    • The End!

Write faster. Write better. Sell more.

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