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How to Dictate (Like An Author)

Want to double, triple, or quadruple your writing output? Write three times as many books in a year?

Dictation is not a secret, but there are some fantastic new tools, tricks, secrets, and tips to get the most out of dictation.

Triple your writing output...

You've tried dictation before, but got stuck with the tools, equipment, and software. You didn't like learning how to "speak" differently.

Perhaps it was just the sheer amount of editing you needed to do afterward.

I've been there, too. I hated dictation for years. But I figured out how to unlock the secrets, and became a "power dictator."

Write more books...

You have the ideas, the plan, the knowledge. You just need to write... faster.

Dictation is the secret weapon authors use to produce 5,000, 10,000, or more words — every day.

Learn how to use software and hardware to transcribe your ideas quickly and accurately, using cutting-edge AI tools.

Enroll today and start dictating like a pro!

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Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    • Setting Levels: Microphones
    • Setting Levels: Recording Devices
  • 3
    • Faces of the Dragon: Which Dragon Dictate Version Should You Use?
    • Live Dictation
    • Offline Dictation
    • Dragon Dictation: Live Dictation
    • Apple Dictation: Live Dictation
    • Google Dictation: Live Dictation
    • Microsoft Word - Live Dictation
    • Dragon Transcription: Offline Dictation
    • Descript Transcription: Offline Dictation
    • GPT-3/OpenAI Transcription: Offline Dictation
    • Dictating/Transcribing Using Your Phone
  • 4
    • Editing Your Dictated Text - Options
    • Cleaning Up Your Text Using OpenAI
    • Cleaning Up Your Text Using ChatGPT
    • Cleaning Up: Helpful Prompts
  • 5
    Ramping Up
    • Dictation Workflows: Find Your Rhythm
    • Outlining: The Secret to High-Speed Production
    • Last Words

Start dictating like a pro

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